Component Heuristics and Improvements for Copiers

CHIC - 6765

Keywords digital copiers, embedded systems, image processing

Start Date: 01 September 1992 / Duration: 39 months / Status: ongoing

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production of a demonstrator for an advanced digital copier

Objectives and Approach

The copier will be based on the separation of a page into components and on specific processing of these components based on their classification into classes such as text, graphics, photographs or background.

This work is motivated by the results obtained in the ROCKI project (5367) on the decomposition of pages into components, and on the opportunities brought by the availability of moderate-cost programmable processors able to respond to the demanding real-time requirements of the required image processing algorithms.

User requirements have been analysed and rationalised into different functionalities: advanced printing facilities, interactive processing of scanned documents, optimal copying without user interaction, and access to stored documents. A complete set of image processing algorithms has been specified and benchmarked on two different existing architectures, resulting in the proposal of solutions to achieve real-time performance.

The advanced enhancements in digital copying will be used in the development of upcoming digital photocopying machines at Océ.

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R. Zeelen
Stieltjesweg 1
PO Box 155
NL-2600 AD Delft
tel: +31 15 692-334
fax: +31 15 692-111
telex: 38091


Knossos Technologies SA [GR]
Leti [CEA] [F]
Océ-Nederland BV [NL]

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CHIC - 6765, December 1993

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