Data Fusion for an Environmental Monitoring System

EMS - 6757

Keywords data fusion, environmental monitoring, sensor modelling

Start Date: 01 December 1992 / Duration: 24 months / Status: ongoing

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a general framework for data fusion in environmental monitoring systems

Objectives and Approach

Data fusion and interpretation will result in a state description at different levels of abstraction, catering for the varying needs of different end-user groups.

Emphasis will be placed on "high-level" fusion that is not only based on sensor data, but also incorporates information stored in databases.

The project will be driven by a real-life application, a river quality monitoring system, to be used by the drinking water supplier of the western Paris region. This application will not only define the requirements for the standard EMS tools, but will also serve as an industrial test-bed and will set the basis for the future use of the new concepts.

A specification of the application has been completed.


Thies Wittig
Atlas Elektronik GmbH
Sebaldsbrücker Heerstr. 235
D-28309 Bremen
tel: +49 421 457-2465
fax: +49 421 457-3756
telex: 2457460 KAD


Atlas Elektronik GmbH [D]
Lyonnaise des Eaux-Dumez [F]
Technische Universität München [D]

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EMS - 6757, December 1993

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