Interactive Design Using a Network of Transputers in Fluids


Keywords computational fluid dynamics, parallel architectures, simulation, visualisation

Start Date: 01 May 1992 / Duration: 24 months / Status: ongoing

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demonstration that the availability of parallel machines can shorten the design cycle of complex industrial components

Objectives and Approach

The design suite to be developed includes a complete sequence of design tools using parallel architectures:

Two application demonstrations featuring complex engineering problems have been selected: the design of the internal combustion chamber of reciprocating engines and the production of non-spherical optical lenses.

Parallelisation concepts used include: domain decomposition method, communication library 3P PARLIB and PVM. The parallel machines used are of the distributed memory type : T800 and T9000 transputer based machine from GPMIMD, CS-2 from GPMIMD II, a network of SUN workstations, a network of RS6000 workstations, nCUBE/2.


Elie Znaty
Bertin & Cie
BP 3
F-78373 Plaisir Cedex
tel: +33 1 3481-8858
fax: +33 1 3054-0414
telex: 696231 F


Bertin & Cie [F]
Industrias de Optica [E]
Parsys Ltd [UK]
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory [UK]
Universidad Politecnica de Cataluña [E]

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