Advanced Sheet-Metal Part Design System

SEPADES - 6742

Keywords CAD, CAM, SMEs

Start Date: 01-JUN-92 / Duration: 33 months

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The objective of SEPADES is to develop a vertically integrated knowledge-based CAD/CAM system in the field of cut and folded sheet metal components. The project will promote a design-for-manufacturing approach and be aimed at the requirements of SMEs.

The approach taken will be to place software development for the system under the control of experts in the production of sheet metal parts, so that the resulting system will follow the processes normally carried out by specialists in this field. The work will build on commercial geometric modellers and a complementary knowledge-modelling tool for CAD/CAM applications, which will be developed to allow the design of sheet metal parts under manufacturing constraints.

Prototypes of the system will be produced for validation in two different companies, with improvements and more specific customisation added to later versions. The results will be incorporated in products marketed by vendor members of the consortium.


Mr Patrick Serrafero
40 avenue Guy de Collongue, BP 163
F - 69130 Ecully
tel: + 33 / 7220-2237
fax: + 33 / 7220-2242
telex: 301569


AWV Gmbh - D - P
LGAI - E - P

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SEPADES - 6742, December 1993

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