Multiple Media/Multiple Communication Workstation

M-CUBE - 6726

Keywords multimedia workstations, multimedia applications development tools

Start Date: 01-JUN-92 / Duration: 30 months

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The objective of M-CUBE is to define and develop the architecture of a multimedia workstation that integrates all the components necessary for the development of multimedia applications. The workstation will handle multiple data types (audio, images, video, etc) from a variety of input channels (magnetic and optical media, broadcast, networks, etc). The demonstrator will be targeted on the education and training sectors.

Particular objectives include the provision of new storage capabilities, based on optical disk technology; the integration of multiple communications access modules; and the integration of real-time graphics, animation and video objects. The project will define a modular architecture for multimedia solutions, built upon open, standard platforms, that will allow European industry to offer advanced solutions in this emerging market. To accomplish this, the architecture will define standard building blocks as separate modules. These depending on the different application needs. Some examples are: distance learning station, computer controlled home appliance, office communication machine, etc. The main goal of the general architecture is to allow the management of different types of data (audio, video, still images, text) coming from different sources, such as optical media (CD-ROM, CD-WO, CD-MO), analogue media (VHS, laser disc, etc.), terrestrial broadcast, corporate digital networks (LAN, F - LAN, WAN) and public switched networks (Videotext link, ISDN).

Exploitation will be targeted on the education and business markets.


Mr Antonio Converti
Ing C. Olivetti & C. SpA

Via Palestro 30
I - 56127 Pisa
tel: + 39 /50-541-901
fax: + 39 /50-589-042



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M-CUBE - 6726, December 1993

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