Real-Time and Parallel System for the Simulation of Virtual Humans


Keywords animation, human modelling, simulation, virtual reality

Start Date: 01 June 1992 / Duration: 36 months / Status: ongoing

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a system for constructing, animating and rendering synthetic models of humans and their interactions with their surroundings

Objectives and Approach

A combination of implementing computationally intensive tasks on parallel hardware with using existing graphic workstations for image rendering will make possible the real-time generation of animation sequences. This will in turn open up new interaction mechanisms for designing motion sequences of synthetic humans.

The principal goal of the system will be the simulation of all situations involving human beings. Potential applications for this approach are in the design and development of:

The planned system will include modules for human modelling, motion control of the human body and deformations, interaction of the virtual human with a 3-D scene, object grasping, walking, facial animation, and behavioural motion control.


Jean-Paul Thorn
RTL Productions
11 rue Oberlin
F-6700 Strasbourg
tel: +33 8824 0464
fax: +33 8836 3854


RTL Productions [L]
École Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne [CH]
Telmat Informatique SA [F]
Universität Karlsruhe [D]
Université de Genève [CH]
Associate Partners
Silicon Graphics Manufacturing SA [CH]
Wavefront Technologies [B]

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