Application and Assessment of Parallel Programming Using Logic


Keywords ElipSys, parallel programming languages

Start Date: 01 May 1992 / Duration: 36 months / Status: ongoing

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establishing ElipSys, an emerging European parallel programming system, by developing sophisticated and commercially important application demonstrators in selected strategic areas

Objectives and Approach

ElipSys is the parallel Logic Programming language incorporating constraint reasoning developed in the EDS project (2025).

The APPLAUSE consortium has selected three commercially important generic classes of applications, and within each of these areas it will develop exploitable prototypes:

PSAP, a system designed to assist the planning of long term (5 to 10 years) production schedules for a collection of assembly lines manufacturing a mix of different aircraft types.

A system for the prediction of protein topologies and a system for generating a physical genetic map from experimental data are being developed.

A knowledge-based decision support system concerned with the monitoring and control of pollution in the Venice Lagoon is being developed for the Venice Water Magistry.

MaTourA is a Multi-agent Tourist Advisor designed to support travel agencies in the construction of personalised tours from the huge body of tourist information available.

Further information about APPLAUSE is available from the APPLAUSE home page <URL:>.


G. Sardu
S & M Advanced Technologies R&D
Via Ermino Spalla 53
I-00142 Roma
tel: +39 6547 6350
fax: +39 6504 3461
telex: 613362


Systems & Management SPA [I]
Dassault Aviation [F]
Expert Systems International [GR]
Associate Partners
Imperial Cancer Research Fund [UK]
University of Athens [GR]

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APPLAUSE - 6708, December 1993

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