New Architectures for Optical Processing in Industrial Applications

NAOPIA II - 6676

Keywords optical processors, pattern recognition, vision systems

Start Date: 01 January 1993 / Duration: 36 months / Status: ongoing

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a compact optical processor to perform a range of automated recognition, localisation and quality-control tasks in the context of industrial applications.

Objectives and Approach

The consortium aims to evaluate the application of an optical processor made by exploiting a combination of emerging and currently available technologies in optoelectronic components.

Four potential applications have been identified: the automating of the unloading of containers of automobile parts (shock-absorbers and camshafts), online quality control in the fabrication process of composite-structured materials, positioning for the retrieval of orbital replaceable units on spacecraft, and fingerprint recognition.


Henri Rajbenbach
Thomson CSF-LCR
Domaine de Corbeville
F-91404 Orsay Cedex
tel: +33 1 6019-7656
fax: +33 1 6019-7416
telex: 616780 THOM F


Thomson CSF-LCR
Alenia Aeronautica DVD [I]
PSA-Etudes et Recherches [F]
RISØ National Laboratory [DK]
Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg [D]
Associate Partners

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NAOPIA II - 6676, December 1993

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