A Portable Parallel Programming Environment

PPPE - 6643

Keywords parallel programming, PCTE, programming environments, programming tools

Start Date: 01 July 1992 / Duration: 36 months / Status: ongoing

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a well integrated, production quality toolset to simplify the development of large scale scientific and engineering applications for massively parallel distributed memory architectures

Objectives and Approach

The toolset will comprise:

The toolset delivered will be portable. The portability layer for the cross-development tools is PCTE and the portability layer for the runtime system is PARMACS/MPI.

Several developers of scientific and engineering applications will evaluate the cross development environment, run-time environment and target platforms for robustness, adequacy, scalability and performance.

A number of tools have been selected following a comprehensive evaluation based on end-user requirements.

The PPPE project made a considerable contribution to world-wide standards for parallel computing:

Further information about PPPE is available from the PPPE home page <URL:http://www.vcpc.univie.ac.at/activities/projects/PPPE.html>.


Owen Thomas
Meiko Scientific Ltd
650, Aztec West
UK-Bristol BS12 4SD
tel: +44 454 616-171
fax: +44 454 618-188


Meiko Scientific Ltd [UK]
GIE-Emeraude [F]
Pallas GmbH [D]
Universität Wien [A]
Associate Partners
Dornier Luftfahrt [D]
European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts [UK]
First InformAatics (GR)
IBM UK Laboratories Ltd [UK]
Intel GmbH [D]
NA Software [UK]
Simulog SA [F]
University of Southampton [UK]

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PPPE - 6643, December 1993

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