Heterogeneous Integration Architecture for Intelligent Control Systems

HINT - 6447

Keywords heterogeneous architectures, knowledge-based systems, process control

Start Date: 01 September 1992 / Duration: 27 months / Status: ongoing

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an integration methodology and architecture to support the cooperation of several hybrid techniques to solve complex process control problems

Objectives and Approach

Among the expected results, the integration methodology and architecture are the main originality and challenge of the project.

Other important results expected are:

The approach is to make efficient use of the highest competence in different AI techniques, spread among different European companies, and to reach a synergy towards interoperability, upward compatibility and completely integrated applications.

An exploitation plan has been agreed. The architecture specification has been completed and several modules implemented.


I. Alarcon
Canto Blanco
E- 8049 Madrid
tel: +34 1 397 8515
fax: +34 1 397 3972


Dassault Electronique SA [F]
Infologics AB Inc [S]
Ramboll, Hannemann & Hojlund A/S [DK]
Repsol Petroleo SA [E]
Associate Partners
Inesc [P]
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid [E]

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HINT - 6447, December 1993

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