Flexible Real-Time Environment for Traffic Control Systems

TRACS - 6373

Keywords data fusion, image processing, multisensor systems, real-time systems, traffic monitoring

Start Date: 01 June 1992 / Duration: 28 months / Status: ongoing

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a real-time computing system for the monitoring and control of vehicle motion in well-defined areas with high risk of collisions, such as harbours or airports

Objectives and Approach

The system will have three basic components:

The parallel data processing system is being developed as an image processor on a configurable parallel architecture. The real-time user console performs synthetic data fusion, rendering of classified objects and graphics. The development is supported by a hard real-time development environment with mechanisms for scheduling and interprocess communication. A radar simulator collects scenarios to be used for validation and performance evaluation.

Work has now proceeded to the integration phase, having successfully completed the development of the individual system components.

The first prototype system will be targeted at vessel traffic control applications. Post-project exploitation plans currently go in the direction of customisation and tuning of the vessel traffic control application and reuse of parts of the real-time console for a training application and simulator.


L. Stefanelli
Rigel Engineering SA
Avenue Rogier 385
B-1030 Brussels
tel: +32 2 735 5571
fax: +32 2 734 8117


Rigel Engineering SA [B]
Alenia un' Azienda Finmeccanica [I]
Teclab SRL [I]
Associate Partners
Azienda del Porto di la Spezia [I]
Scuola Superiore di Studi Univ. S. Anna [I]
Universita di Pisa [I]

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TRACS - 6373, December 1993

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