Electrical Transport Parallel and Perpendicular to Semiconductor Heterointerfaces


Work Area: Nanoelectronics

Keywords semiconductors, microelectronics, heterostructures

Start Date: 1 September 92 / Duration: 36 months / Status: starting

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Abstract Activity is centred on a combined experimental and theoretical investigation of electronic transport in heterojunction devices, both along and across heterointerfaces. The main objective is to reach a better understanding of carrier transport in heterostructure devices such as Resonant Tunneling Diodes, HEMTs and HBTs. The activity of the Group will be based on the exchange of young researchers, meetings, and workshops.


The aim of this Group is to coordinate the research activity of the partners around a common theme focusing on electronic transport in heterostructure devices. The activity will involve both experimental and theoretical work, and will try to achieve a better understanding of carrier transport properties in electronic devices such as HEMTs and HBTs. Simulation tools based on Hydrodynamical and Monte Carlo approaches will be used for the modelling of the devices.


The activities of the working group include:

Progress and Results

In the first year of the working group we have set up the basis for a common research effort among partners, some of which had never collaborated before. The key events have been as follows:

An international workshop "GaAs Electronics: Toward Zero Dimensional Structures" has been held in Rome on February 4-6 1993, organised by the working group coordinator and sponsored jointly by the working group, the University of Rome "Tor Vergata", and the Italian National Research Council.

In addition to the working group partners, the workshop has been attended by researchers from the major european companies (Siemens, Daimler Benz, GEC Marconi, Alcatel Telettra, Alenia, Thompson CSF), from european and US universities (TU Darmstadt, Politecnico Torino, Glasgow University, Universita' di Lecce, MIT), and from a top EEC representative. The workshop has given the possibility to illustrate the research performed within the working group, and to put it in the contest of the european activity in microelectronics, creating at the same time links with other european initiatives. The proceedings of the workshop will be published in two special issues (in English) of Alta Frequenza, respectively the March/April and September/October 1993.


The Group focuses on a subject which is of great importance for the European microelectronics industry. The research activity performed by the partners and the workshops that the working group will organise are intended to provide a reference point for industries involved in the field and for other European projects. The undergoing activity, and the open workshop organised by the working group, is indicating the need of a strong interaction with industrial partners, in order to assure the impact of the results achieved within the working group on the european microelectronic products.

Latest Publications


Universita di Roma "Tor Vergata" - I
Dipartimento di Ingeneria Elettronica
Via della Ricerca Scientifica
I - 00133 ROMA


Universidad Politecnica de Madrid - E
Université de Lille-Flandre Artois - F
Università di Padova - I
Forschungszentrum Jülich - D


Prof. P. Lugli
tel +39/6-72594469
fax +39/6-2020519
e-mail: lugli@roma2.infn.it

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