High-Performance Computing for Industrial Applications

HAMLET - 6290

Keywords parallel applications development tools, real-time applications

Start Date: 27 May 1992 / Duration: 25 months / Status: ongoing

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providing the technology required to develop innovative products in the fields of pattern recognition, image generation and other real-time/time-critical applications

Objectives and Approach

HAMLET is driven by industrial applications setting requirements for Transputer-based hardware architectures as well as the application development environment and functionalities of the development tools.

Prototypes will be developed in the areas of: postal automation, for the automatic reading and understanding of mail addresses; real time system simulation for the simulation of visual environments; quality control for the production of textiles, to allow on-line verification and detection of production faults.

Close co-operation between the applications providers and technology providers in the HAMLET consortium resulted in clear requirements for both the application architecture and the application development environment.

The application development environment, including debugging and performance monitoring tools, has been delivered to the application builders.

Specification of the application prototypes has been completed and implementation is in progress.

Further information about HAMLET is available from the HAMLET home page <URL:http://hpcnet.soton.ac.uk/vsm/europe/cec/hamlet.html>.


Joachim Irion
AEG Electrocom GmbH
Max-Stromeyer-Str. 160
D-78467 Konstanz
tel: +49 7531 85-2483
fax: +49 7531 85-2484


AEG Electrocom GmbH [D]
CAP Gemini Innovation SA [F]
Construcciones Aeronauticas SA [E]
Gabriel S.A. [GR]
Hitec Ltd [GR]
Inesc [P]
Inmos Ltd [UK]
Parsytec GmbH [D]
Associate Partners
Technische Universität München [D]

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HAMLET - 6290, December 1993

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