Design by Simulation and Rendering on Parallel Architectures

DESIRE - 6173

Keywords animation, computational fluid dynamics, computer aided design, parallel architectures, photo-realism, rendering, simulation, virtual reality, visualisation

Start Date: 01 July 1992 / Duration: 24 months / Status: ongoing

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development and demonstration of key software components for a system for the interactive design of complex industrial products, or parts thereof, by simulation and rendering using parallel architectures

Objectives and Approach

Software components will be demonstrated in the context of an application demonstrator for the interactive design and engineering of car bodies for both aesthetic and physical design decisions. This demonstrator will be evaluated in collaboration with BMW AG, the industrial end-user involved in the project.

Major results will be achieved in the course of the project:

The implementation aims at the widest possible portability of the software to both distributed memory parallel machines as well as to shared memory parallel machines and networks of workstations. The software is based on message passing, using a particular message passing interface defined in the project.


Rolf Herken
Mental Images GmbH & Co. KG
Rankestrasse 9
D-10789 Berlin
tel: +49 30 8821088
fax: +49 30 8825381


Mental Images GmbH & Co. KG [D]
Bertin & Cie [F]
Delcam InternationalL Plc [UK]
Parsytec Computer GmbH [D]
Warwick Strategic Technology Laboratories [UK]

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DESIRE - 6173, December 1993

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