Enhancement of Hands-Free Telecommunications

FREETEL - 6166

Keywords noise robustness, speech processing, telecommunications

Start Date: 01 July 1992 / Duration: 18 months / Status: extension to 30 months under consideration

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high quality hands-free communications for a wide variety of terminals: telephones, videophones and mobile phones, in line with existing and future standards

Objectives and Approach

The main goal of the project is to achieve a significant breakthrough in the efficiency of hands-free processing. R&D topics include:

After the specification of evaluation methodologies as well as the realisation of a database, the techniques developed by the FREETEL consortium have been evaluated and compared to state-of-the-art solutions. For echo cancellation and noise reduction, significant progress has been observed, both from the performance and computational complexity aspects.

A real-time integration of a "first" global solution combining voice activity detection, double talk detection, acoustic echo suppression, adaptive echo cancellation, and electric echo cancellation has been demonstrated.

Real time demonstrators for the two applications (mobile telephony and digital call concentrator desk) are being prepared. The research is now focusing on the specific constraints of these applications: the improvement of the technologies in non-stationary conditions (both for noise and acoustic channel) appears to be one of the important technical issues.


P. Lockwood
Matra Communication
Rue J. P. Timbaud, BP 26
F-78392 Bois d'Arcy
tel: +33 1 34 607-396
fax: +33 1 34 608-887
telex: 696411 F


Matra Communication [F]
Page Iberica SA [E]
Associate Partners
ENST-Arecom [F]
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine [UK]
Université de Rennes I [F]

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FREETEL - 6166, December 1993

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