European Parallel Operating System based on Chorus

EPOCH - 6059

Keywords INGRES, operating systems, ORACLE, parallel architectures

Start Date: 01 July 1992 / Duration: 30 months / Status: ongoing

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a scalable, reliable and portable parallel operating system using the only commercial microkernel-based System V distributed operating system, Chorus/Mix

Objectives and Approach

This system is targeted at the key area of commercial database systems, which have stringent requirements in terms of availability, fault tolerance and manageability. It also integrates system management facilities to allow easy handling of large scale parallel processing platforms. The EPOCH system will demonstrate its benefits by executing commercial parallel database systems on the proprietary hardware platforms of the main partners.

After the completion of the definition phase the project has been concerned with implementing the additional system components identified, porting, debugging and maintaining the base operating system and providing first prototypes of the system management tools. First ports of the commercial Relational Database Systems ORACLE and INGRES, as well as the Transaction Monitor UTM, to the EPOCH system, running on one processing node, have been completed..


Lothar Borrmann
Siemens AG
Corporate Research and Development
Otto-Hahn-Ring 6
D-81739 München
tel: +49 89 636-42350
fax: +49 / 89-636-41661


Siemens AG [D]
ICL Ltd [UK]
Associate Partners
Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Inf. [F]
Fraunhofer-IAO [D]
Siemens Nixdorf Informationssyteme AG [D]

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EPOCH - 6059, December 1993

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