European Declarative System II

EDS II - 6057

Keywords Lisp, parallel architectures, Prolog, relational database management system

Start Date: 01 July 1992 / Duration: 15 months / Status: completed

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integration of the parallel EDS machine with its EMEX operating system and the EDS relational database management system

Objectives and Approach

Project 2025 (EDS) has developed a high-performance parallel processing technology targeted on the large-system market. The parallel machine and its UNIX operating system will allow early exploitation with existing proprietary relational database transaction processing systems. The parallel ESQL (extended SQL), Lisp and ElipSys (logic) language subsystems will also allow the partners to establish a lead in the use of parallel processing in large scale commercial decision support applications.

This follow-up phase concentrates on integrating the parallel machine with its EMEX operating system and the EDS relational database management system (RDMBS), as well as on demonstrating and evaluating this with the PLANES commercial geographic information system. The METAL automatic translation application and the parallel Lisp language sub-system will also complete their integration and evaluation phases on the EDS platform. Demonstrating the capabilities of the EDS technology in realistic commercial applications will establish the credibility and applicability of the technology with decision-makers.

The results of this project are embodied in ICL's recently announced "Goldrush" product.


Colin Skelton
Wenlock Way
West Gorton
UK-Manchester M12 5DR
tel: +44 61 223 1301
fax: +44 61 223 7712
telex: 667966


Siemens AG [D]
ICL Ltd [UK]
Associate Partners
Chorus Systèmes [F]
Heriot-Watt University [UK]

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EDS II - 6057, December 1993

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