Neural Networks for Forecasting and Diagnosis Applications

NEUFODI - 5433

Keywords forecasting, medical diagnosis, neural networks

Start Date: 01 December 1990 / Duration: 36 months / Status: completed

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neural networks applied to forecasting and diagnosis problems

Objectives and Approach

At the heart of the project is the development of a unified description language (i.e. a unified framework). A number of applications will be thoroughly analysed to provide input for the development of the framework. With the help of the unified language, topological and architectural heuristics will be formulated.

The unified description language for describing neural network paradigms has been developed and successfully used within the project for the development of customised applications. The methodology has also been used for benchmarking the major neural network paradigms (i.e. classification with regard to specific applications).

Promising and innovative results have been obtained in the following areas of research: (1) architectures that can handle temporal sequences of input patterns; (2) the pre-programming of knowledge into networks; (3) architectures that can deal with changing environments.

Prototype systems have been developed for the following applications: (a) forecasting of water demand and consumption; (b) heart-scan data interpretation, (c) electrical network fault detection, (d) rainfall prediction; (e) sales prediction; and (f) traffic prediction.

The NEUFODI-results are available: (i) for end-users, to be integrated in user-specific applications: customised versions of the existing prototype systems have to be developed; (ii) for suppliers of software systems, to be integrated in analysis, management, or planning software products, etc.

Further information about NEUFODI is available from the NEUFODI home page <URL:>.


Prof Van Damme
Plateaustraat 22
B-9000 GENT
tel: +32 92 643952
fax: +32 92 644197


Austrian Research Institute of Artificial Intelligence (ARIAI) [A]
Eys SA [E]
Labein [E]
Societe Lyonnaise des Eaux [F]
Associate Partner
Rhea [F]

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NEUFODI - 5433, December 1993

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