General-Purpose MIMD Machines

GP MIMD - 5404

Keywords parallel architectures, T9000, transputers

Start Date: 01 January 1991 / Duration: 36 months / Status: completed

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a family of parallel computers based on the interconnect component from the GENESIS project (2702), the T9000 Transputer and the C104 message router chip specified in the PUMA project (2701)

Objectives and Approach

The architecture, system software and T9000 transputer hardware for this family are developed within the GPMIMD project. The fully integrated family of machines will have three classes of nodes:

The first two nodes have been developed outside this project. Together with the multistage ELITE network developed in GENESIS, they form the basis of the CS-2 machines now being marketed.

For all node types of the family, the common software architecture will deliver:

Special effort is devoted to support real-time programming on T9000 nodes with the development of input/output support hardware and of demonstration applications mounted on the CHORUS real-time kernel developed in the HARMONY project.

Software for the CS-2 has been completed. The transputer based machines have been designed but full implementation depends on T9000 and C104 availability.

Substantial codes (e.g. scientific and industrial applications) have been successfully ported to very large configurations of existing transputer machines.


Allan Bouckley
Inmos LTD
1000 Aztec West
tel: +44 454 616616
fax: +44 454 617910
telex: 444723


Inmos Ltd [UK]
Meiko Scientific Ltd [UK]
Parsys Ltd [UK]
Telmat Informatique SA [F]
Associate Partners
Grupo APD SA [E]
Inesc [P]
IRISA-Rennes [F]
Parsytec GmbH [D]
Siemens AG [D]
Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS) [S]
Transtools [E]
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid [E]
University of Southampton [UK]

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GP MIMD - 5404, December 1993

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