Compiler Generation for Parallel Machines

COMPARE - 5399

Keywords compilation systems, compiler generation tools, parallel systems architectures

Start Date: 01 January 1991 / Duration: 48 months / Status: ongoing

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a language independent compiler construction system for the efficient production of competitive commercial compiler products

Objectives and Approach

To unify the research and development among the COMPARE partners, the COSY (COmpilation SYstem) conceptual compiler model is proposed.

COMPARE aims to produce a complete compilation system based on the COSY model. Through an emphasis on compiler generation tools, this system is intended to be applicable to new processor and architecture designs as they become available, and to be adaptable to new compiler technology as it is developed.

COMPARE will produce a compiler construction system that allows the efficient production of competitive commercial compiler products. This system is intended to be incorporated in products in order to keep Europe at the leading edge in the areas of formal language and compiler research.

Based on the results of the prototyping effort CLaX (Compare Language Example), the design of the COSY model has been completed. Implementation of the model is in full progress and the associated tools are stabilising.

The first full-fledged compilers, integrated in COSY, will be demonstrated at the beginning of the last year of the project. This last year will concentrate on the exploitation of the optimisation potential enabled by the COSY model.


Marius Schoorel
Van Eeghenstraat 100
tel: +31 20 6646416
fax: +31 20 750389
telex: 11702 ACE NL


Harlequin Ltd [UK]
Inria [F]
Associate Partner
Universität des Saarlandes [D]

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COMPARE - 5399, December 1993

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