Real-Time Gaze Control

RTGC - 5390

Keywords embedded systems, robotics, surveillance, vision systems

Start Date: 15 January 1991 / Duration: 37.5 months / Status: ongoing

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a fast mobile stereo vision head able to track objects in 3D space and allow the dynamic characterisation of 3D structures in a scene

Objectives and Approach

The system design relies both on sophisticated motion control techniques with many degrees of freedom (angular positioning, zooming, focusing, convergence accommodation, etc.), and on multisensory fusion between sensor data (angular speeds, accelerations, etc.), and image data from solid-state sensors.

Potential application domains cover surveillance (detection, location, tracking, reconnaissance, security, etc) and robotics (object detection and localisation for handling, and, in particular, map-making, obstacle characterisation and manouvring for the outdoor operation of mobile robots). Two demonstrations will be developed within the project to represent these areas.

Two agile stereo vision heads have been designed and developed at GEC and at Oxford. Experiments have demonstrated the performance of these systems with closed-loop control using information produced by the vision system.


Philippe Lemarquand
Rue Leblanc 27
Immeuble Le Ponant de Paris
F-75512 PARIS
tel: +33 1 40706363
fax: +33 1 40706713
telex: 205 255 F


Sagem [F]
GEC Plc [UK]
Inria [F]
University of Oxford [UK]

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RTGC - 5390, December 1993

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