A Multiscalar Supercomputer

AMUS - 2716

Keywords high-performance computers, multiscalar computers

Start Date: 01 January 1991 / Duration: 12 months / Status: completed

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an industrial prototype of a multiscalar high-performance computer and associated software

Objectives and Approach

This project aims to develop the industrial prototype of a multiscalar high-performance computer. This requires the design of new architectural concepts at both the component and system levels, as well as closely related software design and development at the compiler and operating system levels. AMUS continues the feasibility study carried out under the HSSC project (2703).

A one-year definition phase aims to study and design a multiscalar component, define a system architecture for a high-performance computer, and evaluate and select the software needed to program and exploit this multiscalar architecture.

The architectural concepts of the multiscalar component have been designed and validated by simulation. The system architecture has been designed, and the software requirements specified. The project is now ready to move forward to the next phase: design of multiscalar chips, integration in a multiprocessor architecture, and software (mainly compilers) design.


Tor Bloch
1, blvd Marius Vivier Merle
F-69443 LYON CEDEX 03
tel: +33/ 72-358400
fax: +33 72-358410


Forth Research Centre [GR]
Sekas GmbH [D]
University of Edinburgh [UK]
University of Manchester [UK]
Associate Partners
Eucad [UK]
Logica UK Ltd [UK]
Phoenix VLSI Consultants Ltd [UK]

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AMUS - 2716, December 1993

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