Development of a Distributed Memory MIMD System for Very High Performance Numerical Computing


Keywords high-performance computers, MIMD architectures, numerical architectures, numerical computing, parallel architectures, supercomputers

Start Date: 01 December 1989 / Duration: 24 months / Status: completed

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software environments for high-performance numerical computing on distributed memory architectures.

Objectives and Approach

The GENESIS project had the ambitious aim of establishing European leadership in the field of high-performance parallel systems for numerical applications. The project was split into 3 projects, one of which was GENESIS II.

The main objectives of GENESIS II have been largely met:

Portability became a major issue of the project and the PARMACS (GMD/Argonne Portability Macro Library) was chosen as the common central programming model. A complete programming environment supports the development of PARMACS programs.

A large set of software components is already in place, and will provide direct support for new architectures based on the advanced interconnection technology.

An esprit special interest group was founded to discuss standardisation. This led to the definition of the Message Passing Interface (MPI) standard.

Meiko has successfully launched the CS-2 family which is based around the GENESIS processor interconnection technology.

PALLAS successfully exploit the PARMACS programming environment and implementations on various hardware platforms.


Karl Solchenbach
Pallas GmbH
Hermülheimer Str. 10
D-50321 Bruhl
tel: +49 2232 189614
fax: +49 2232 189629


Pallas GmbH [D]
Krupp Atlas Elektronik GmbH [D]
Meiko Scientific Ltd [UK]
Stollmann GmbH [D]
University of Liverpool [UK]
University of Southampton [UK]
Associate Partners
Cham Ltd [UK]
Dornier Luftfahrt GmbH [D]
European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts [UK]
First International Ltd [GR]
Inria [F]
N.A. Software [UK]
Simulog SA [F]
Tritech [IRL]
Universidad Politecnica de Cataluña [E]
Universität Wien [A]
University of Jyvaskyla [SF]

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GENESIS II - 2702, December 1993

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