Interactive networked kiosks

INK - 20855

keywords: video server, multimedia, real-time video compression, real-time video decompression, ATM network, MPEG encoder/decoder boards, Windows 95 multimedia terminal, Point of Sale, Point of Information, video on demand, point of sale system developers, point of information system developers, hotels, department stores, theme parks, museums, passenger transport companies

Start Date: 1 December 1995 / Duration: 24 months

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The objective of the INK Project is to develop a system for POS/POI (Point of Sale / Point of Information) networked applications where access to multimedia data is provided from a number of interactive terminals connected to one or more video servers.

Low cost, Windows-based terminals will be employed, either by the user company staff, or directly by the customer. Real-time MPEG compression / decompression will be used to reduce both storage requirements and transmission bandwidth. Limited authoring facilities will be available for the quick modification of both the video database contents and the application structure.

An ATM based network will be provided for accessing multimedia information. However, lower bandwidth multiplexed access will be used for connecting the POS/POI terminals to the ATM switching equipment, both to optimise bandwidth utilisation and to reduce the cost/terminal ratio of the system.

Two pilot applications will be built in two different sectors: one for the high quality hospitality sector and the other for sales support.

Contact Point

Luis Pedro MARZAN
Projects Department
Antonio Lopez 234
E-28026 MADRID
tel +34/ 1-5000140
fax +34/ 1-5000141


APD, S.A. - e - C
Computer Logic R&D - GR - P
Comunicacion Interactiva - e - P
FNAC EspaSa - e - A
Jurys Hotel - irl - P
Rutherford Appleton Lab. - UK - P
Trinity College Dublin - Irl - A
VITEC Multimedia - F - P

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INK - 20855, December 1995

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