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MILLION - 20772

keywords: world wide web (WWW) database integration, voice tools, personal digital assistants, electronic wallet, local authorities, tourism, telematic tourist services, electronic payment, internet voice customer service

Start Date: 1 October 1995 / Duration: 24 months

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The project aims to realise a consumer-oriented system for developing the tourist potential of European cities by providing communications-based services to a significant sample of people in selected geographic areas and by making what the involved areas have to offer the tourist known to the largest possible community of networked users: the Internet. MILLION assumes as a starting point the phenomenon of civic networking, in progress in several cities in the EU (as in Bologna and in Venice), and aims to build a system which will make it possible to move on from giving civic information to citizens at no charge to providing services to the consumer for payment, first of all in the field of tourism.

The communication services to be provided can be grouped into two main categories: a) information services given by agencies promoting tourism and by local authorities at no charge; b) information and transaction-based services, offered by private providers for payment.

The whole application will be developed as an enhanced and integrated Worldwide Web (WWW) server architecture on standard platforms using both existing and new hardware and software technologies. Access through advanced presentation systems with integrated tools will be available on all major industry-standard platforms and mobile devices such as Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). From the technical standpoint, the consortium will address the following state-of-the-art issues with regard to the WWW environment:

They are considered to be key factors for success for the following reasons:

The final output will be a coherent and consistent system integrating the four technologies.

Further information about MILLION is available from the MILLION home page <URL:>.

Contact Point

Mirko Labbri
Omega Generation
Via Murri 39
I-40137 Bologna
tel +39/ 51-306644
fax +39/ 51-390310


Omega Generation - IT - C
MUSIC: Technical University of Crete - GR - A
Intracom - GR - P
Telecooperation Office Univ.of Karlsruhe - D - A
Touring Club Italiano - IT - P
Municipality of Bologna - IT - A
Digicash - NL - P
Municipality of Venice - IT - A
Venis - IT - P
Municipality of Chania - GR - A

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MILLION - 20772, December 1995

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