An authoring environment for adaptive multimedia documents


keywords: multimedia meta-documents, hypermedia authoring, network based multimedia, multimedia publishing, multimedia kiosks, computer-based training, cultural heritage/tourism

Start Date: 1 November 1995 / Duration: 36 months

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The purpose of the project is to define and implement a support tool for multimedia authoring and presentation in the context of professional publishing, cultural heritage, tourism and computer-based training. The prime objectives are to define and implement an industrial prototype of a multimedia authoring tool which provides support for the production of durable multimedia documents and which supports the notions of detail-based, content-based, quality-based, resource-based and format-based projections of a single meta-document.

The tool will be a development of an existing research prototype which will be ported to a mass market operating system environment and which will be expanded to meet the needs of the target industries. Some of the additional functions to be developed were identified before the start of the project and others will be defined during the course of the project. This will be done in two ways: through a series of trials by users who will be selected to be representative of the target markets, and through market watch activities. The existing research prototype will form the basis for developing the additional functionality which is aimed for and then the functions will be ported to the industrial prototype.

The major result of the project is intended to be the industrial prototype. This will be a prototype of an authoring and presentation tool which allows hypermedia documents to be created by content owners and presented on low-cost end-user platforms. This end-product will allow scaleable, network-based access to multimedia data on a variety of end-user platforms. This end-product will be exploited directly and in conjunction with consultancy services based on the know-how gained during the project.

Secondary results of the project are planned to be the information systems applications and products developed during the user trials. These will be exploited directly by the users involved. Further exploitation, particularly in the publishing and kiosk areas, is anticipated to arise from post-project use of the enhanced tool to create further information systems applications and products.

A further result of the project is expected to be an enhanced version of the original research prototype which will be of value in the research activities at CWI and RAL which will continue after the end of the project.

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Contact Point

Jack Donald
Cartermill International
Technology Centre
St Andrews
Fife, Scotland
tel +44 1334 477660
fax +44 1334 477180


Cartermill International Limited - UK - P
Epsilon Software SA - GR - P
Cycnos Software Ouverts, SA - FR - P
Comunicacion Interactiva, SL - ES - P
Egnatia Epirus Foundation - GR - A
Stichting Mathematisch Centrum - NL - P
Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils - UK - A

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CHAMELEON - 20597, December 1995

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