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MIAOW - 20339

keywords: distributed multimedia, distributed multimedia applications, multimedia databases, marble producers, stone building trade companies, architects, building companies, authoring, information retrieval, CSCW, added-value network services

Start Date: 1 November 1995 / Duration: 24 months

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The project aims to develop and assess a distributed multimedia information system for the marble industry and all related professionals. The project was born in response to a general and widespread lack of information among stone building producers and trading companies as well as professionals working in the building industry (such as builders, architects and interior designers).

The world market for marble, granite and stone is one of the biggest and most complex. Countries in the European Union quarry, process and export marble, granite and stone on a large scale, meeting two thirds of the world's demand. Nowadays, there is considerable use of marble, granite, and stone in buildings; all over the world, airport buildings, banks, hotels, shopping centres and many other structures are coated with these building materials.

The system being developed in this project will create a set of information servers which will convey, enrich, correlate and ensure the reliability of information concerning stone building materials, making it available to potential clients all over the world in a timely and cost-effective way. Moreover, the system will provide a basis for business and for cooperation on technical matters.

Today, the business process which characterises the marble market can be summarised in terms of the main players as follows:

The drawback with the above is that all the exchanges of information involved are currently based on personal acquaintances, periodic international trade-fairs, and brochures and catalogues of materials. No one of these vehicles supports sufficiently widespread, up-to-date and reliable dissemination of information.

The innovative value of MIAOW lies in its ability to overcome these limitations. Using existing state-of-the-art network technologies, it will feature:

Further information about MIAOW is available from the MIAOW home page <URL:>.

Contact Point

Mr. Vincenzo Diodato
Intecs Sistemi S.p.A
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I-56127 PISA
tel: +39-50-545111
fax: +39-50-545200


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MIAOW - 20339, December 1995

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