European Declarative System

EDS - 2025

Keywords Lisp, parallel architectures, Prolog, relational database management system

Start Date: 04 January 1989 / Duration: 48 months / Status: completed

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a large-scale, distributed parallel information server supporting extended relational database technology for the commercial marketplace

Objectives and Approach

EDS is targeted at the main business sectors of the industrial partners. These sectors need large-scale information servers supporting (extended) Relational Database (RDB) technology. EDS can be introduced into customer installations as an accelerator to give an order of magnitude improvement in the cost/performance ratio of existing applications. The development of the database extensions and the support of Lisp and Prolog will give EDS the capability of extending the functionality of applications.

A large-scale distributed store parallel processing system including an RDB subsystem, Lisp and Prolog language subsystems and a UNIX microkernel operating system has been implemented. The porting of applications, representing the target market, is also included, giving a strong integration focus to the project.

The EDS technologies and components have been developed over the last 4 years. The final year, covered by the follow-on EDS II project (6057), is mainly devoted to system integration.

In practice, the EDS project has involved the design and implementation of a parallel hardware machine and a parallel machine executive, EMEX, to support the EDS parallel database base management system (DBMS). Moreover, a number of AI programming language sub-systems -parallel LISP and ElipSys, parallel logic programming system -have been developed within EDS.

ICL has launched its Goldrush MegaServer open systems database server based on the results of this project; Bull plans to use the database technology in future database products; and SNI intends to introduce new parallel hardware into its data-processing product lines.


Colin J. Skelton
Wenlock Way
West Gorton
UK-Manchester M12 5DR
tel: +44 61 2231301
fax: +44 61 223 0482
telex: 22971 STLICL G


Siemens AG [D]
ICL Ltd [UK]
Associate Partners
Chambre de Commerce et Industrie Paris (CCIP) [F]
Chorus Systemes [F]
Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine [UK]
Inesc [P]
Infosys [F]
Inria [F]
Siemens-Nixdorf Informationssysteme [D]
Systems & Management Spa [I]
Telefonica Sistemas SA [E]
Universidad Politecnica de Cataluña [E]
University of AthensI[GR]
University of Bristol [UK]
University of Heriot-Watt [UK]
University of Manchester [UK]
University of East Anglia [UK]

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EDS - 2025, December 1993

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