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The ESPRIT Programme
Project Synopses and Information Services

Using the links from this pages you can browse listings of:

in any of the ESPRIT domains.

Alternatively, browse the listings for the following domains:

  1. Domain 1: Software Technologies (ST)
  2. Domain 2: Technologies for Components and Subsystems (TCS)
  3. Domain 3:Multimedia Systems (MS)
  4. Domain 4: Long Term Research (LTR)
  5. Domain 5: Open Microprocessor systems Initiative (OMI)
  6. Domain 6: High Performance Computing and Networking (HPCN)
  7. Domain 7: Technologies for Business Process (TBP)
  8. Domain 8: Integration in Manufacturing (IIM)
  9. International Cooperation (INCO)
  10. Information Services

A guide to the system used for project numbering is available, together with a list of the country codes. Acknowledgements are also available.

Last update: 18 June, 2003