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Dependable Systems of Systems
IST Programme RTD Research Project IST-1999-11585. 1 April 2000 to 31 March 2003

DSoS was a long term research project looking at dependable computing systems. It was sponsored by the European Union and ran from 1 April, 2000 - 31 March 2003.

The overall objective of the DSoS project was to develop significantly improved means for composing a dependable "system of systems" (SoS) from a set of largely autonomous component computer systems. Reusing existing legacy systems in a dependable fashion without the need for extensive re-engineering is a key problem currently faced by industry. Thus, DSoS contributed directly towards the Community's economic and social objectives by improving industrial competitiveness and hence employment prospects. A system of systems provides new emerging services to its users, in addition to the services provided by its component systems. This project aimed to ensure that both types of services are provided with a level of dependability matching specified user requirements. Dependability in this context encompasses reliability, security and maintainability, though the project focused mainly on the first of these system characteristics, with some emphasis on timeliness as well as functionality issues.

The full project summary, and the Description of Work (231K pdf) are available.


The DSoS partners were from seven organisations in four countries. The Industrial Advisory Board provided valuable feedback on the work of the project. A list of the Executive Board members is available. The project coordinator was Professor Cliff Jones, at the University of Newcastle.


A list of the of the technical deliverables is available.

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