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5th Plenary Workshop, 5-7 November 2003, Porto Santo, Portugal

Please take a look at the photo gallery from the workshop.

A full report of the workshop is available (496K pdf).


The Workshop was dedicated to discussion of the CaberNet Vision of Research and Technological Development in Distributed and Dependable Systems. The papers provided input for the production of this report, which is edited by Dr. Alexander Romanovsky.


You can download copies of the papers presented at this workshop by following the links below. Papers are in pdf format. You can also download all the papers [ .zip (3.3M) ] [ .tar.gz (3.3M) ]

  1. Ambient Dependability: a Grand Challenge (Luca Simoncini, University of Pisa)(113K pdf)
  2. Towards Autonomous Dependable Systems (Omitola and Greaves, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge)(100K pdf)
  3. Building Dependable Systems with Fallible Humans (Denis Besnard, University of Newcastle)(327K pdf)
  4. A Wormhole-based Intrusion-Tolerant Group Communication System (Correia, Neves, Lung and Verissimo, Universidade de Lisboa)(156K pdf)
  5. On Modelling Real-time and Security properties of Distributed Systems (Corin, Etalle, Hartel and Mader, University of Twente)(166K pdf)
  6. Model-Based Security Service Configuration (Luck and Krumm, University of Dortmund)(90K pdf)
  7. On the Relationship Retween Intrusion Tolerance and Fault Tolerance (Robert Stroud, University of Newcastle)(162K pdf)
  8. Formal Description and Model Cheching of Web Service (WS) Protocol (Friedrich Vogt, Technical University Hamburg-Harburg) (67K MS Word)
  9. Web Services for Sensor Node Access (Hillenbrand, Verney, Muller and Koenig, University of Kaiserslautern and Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering) (255K pdf)
  10. Position of Ikerlan contributing to Enhance Dependability in Commerical Embedded Automation Systems (Berreteaga, Perez, Olano, Usabiaga, Ikerlan Research Institute) (73K pdf)
  11. An Emprical Evaluation of Object Oriented Metrics in Industrial Setting (Denaro, Lavazza and Pezza, University of Milan and Politecnico of Milan)(244K pdf)
  12. A Framework for Achieving Safety in Model-Based Design (Frantz Iwu, Department of Computer Science, University of York)(144K pdf)
  13. How to Produce Predicable Code for Hard Real-Time Systems (Peter Puschner, TU Vienna) (28K pdf)
  14. Compliance Checking for Regulated Communities (Abrahams, Eyers and Bacon, Computer Lab, University of Cambridge)(384K pdf)
  15. Introduction to ADOPT, a market approach to distributed resource allocation (Zhang and Moody, Opera Group, Computer Lab, University of Cambridge)(155K pdf) includes Figure 1 (230K pdf)
  16. Distributed System for Ubiquitous Collaboration (Malika Boulkenafed, INRIA)(102K pdf)
  17. Software Architectures for Dependable and Distributed Systems (Rogerio de Lemos, Computing Laboratory, University of Kent at Canterbury)(120K pdf)
  18. An architecture to support interaction via Generic Events (Veríssimo, Kaiser, Casimiro, Universidade de Lisboa and ULM) (472K pdf)
  19. An architecture for Content Delivery Networks federation (Elisa Turrini, Department of Computer Science, University of Bologna)(107K pdf)
  20. Towards Dynamically Adaptive Replicated Databases (Milan, Jimenez-Peris and Patino-Martinez, Unversidad Politecnica de Madrid)(20K pdf)
  21. Analyzing web response time (Elisa Turrini, Department of Computer Science, University of Bologna)(489K pdf)