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IST Contract No. IST-2000-25088

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The mission of CaberNet is to coordinate top-ranking European research in distributed and dependable systems, to make that research accessible to governments and industries and to further the quality of education concerning such systems. CaberNet addresses all aspects of the design of networked computer systems. These systems can range from embedded systems used to control an aircraft in flight to globe-spanning applications searching for information on the World-Wide Web. CaberNet will build on its Europe-wide community of research groups in distributed and dependable computing and develop a shared vision of RTD. This shared vision will provide a focus for work that is central to the success of the IST Programme, highlighting our strengths and leading to a coherent presentation of European work in the global marketplace of ideas. Further details are available.

The project runs for 39 months, from 1st January, 2001 - 31st March, 2004.

Vision of Research and Technology Development

The final version of the CaberNet Vision of Research and Technology Development (RTD) in Distributed and Dependable Systems is now available.

It takes as a basis the State-Of-The-Art (SOTA) Report prepared by John Bates in 1998: this document was commissioned by CaberNet as a first step towards the definition of a roadmap for European research in distributed and dependable systems. This report overviewed the developments in the main areas to which the CaberNet members made outstanding contributions, which were the most important at the time of its preparation, and analysed the most important trends in R&D in those areas.

The Network of Excellence is the collective author of this new document, which was put together by integrating contributions coming from many CaberNet partners. A dedicated CaberNet workshop (November 2003, Porto Santo, Portugal) and a one-day meeting of the CaberNet Links-to-Industry Forum (December 2003, London, UK) were organised to consolidate the Network understanding of the RTD Vision. The Vision document is intended to serve as a policy-directing document. But it is equally valuable as a high level overview of recent and current activities in the selected areas, emphasising directions in which R&D in distributed and dependable systems are likely to be moving in the future.